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Erfin Setiawan is an Associate Lawyer and Registered IP Consultant at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael Hans & Associates (“MHANSLaw”). He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law, specializing in intellectual property and business legal compliance, from the University of Surabaya (UBAYA), Surabaya. He continued his studies further, earning a master’s degree in Intellectual Property and Notarial Law at the University of Airlangga (UNAIR), Surabaya. 


Erfin worked as an Associate Lawyer and Registered IP Consultant at MHANSLaw and as a Registered IP Consultant at Payung Paten for more than ten years. At MHANSLaw, his main responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing and handling Trademark and Patent prosecution and/or infringement cases; assisting partners in the preparation of clients meetings; examining materials and legal publications for law revisions, case studies, reports, codes, statutes; meeting with clients and advising legal solutions; completing IP registrations and post-application proceedings; helping to protect and prevent clients’ IP infringement.

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