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Cynthia Prastika Limantara is a Paralegal at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael Hans & Associates (“MHANSLaw”). She is currently in her last semester majoring in Business Law at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), set to graduate in 2022. Cynthia was extremely active in student organizations, specifically in the Academic and Public Relations Department, going as far as to be entrusted as an Assistant Editor for Law Review UPH Journal, a Professor’s Assistant during her university years. 

Before becoming an associate of MHANSLaw, Cynthia had worked as a Legal Intern at the Notary Office of Sonya Natalia, S.H., and PT. Maesa Cipta Corporindo (“Maesa Group”). As a Paralegal at MHANSLaw, her primary responsibilities include but are not limited to organizing and filing documents; meeting with clients, attorneys, the court, and other professionals for consultations; conducting legal research and help prepare for trials, hearings, and further legal proceedings; Research on facts and laws of cases or other publicly available resources to plan and decide the best legal actions; researching and analyzing states, codes, legal articles, documents, and other data; and drafting legal documents.

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