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As a registered IP consultant for over a decade, we offer our clients complete and integrated legal service for IP matters, including IP protection, management, and enforcement. This service entails copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design, trade secret, and many more, including, but not limited to:​

MHANSLaw supports the innovation and creativity of individuals, small companies, and large enterprises by securing their IP. We can help with IP search exposure, IP portfolio reviews, and business strategy consulting involving issues, aspects, or problems relevant to IP. Through MHANSLaw robust IP research service and tools, clients are kept up-to-date on IP matters, allowing our clients to operate their IP freely.

MHANSLaw is supported by certified and registered IP consultants who are members of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorneys Association (AKHKI). We help businesses file, register, and protect their IP with flexibility and a global reach. Our qualifications include over a decade of experience looking after big to small brands, from local to well-known international brands from various sectors and industries. Increase the efficiency of your administrative process and reap the full benefits of your IP by trusting MHANSLaw.

At MHANSLaw, we handle our clients’ IP sales and management very seriously using our 3M (Maintain, Monitor, and Maximize) strategy. We maintain the preservation of your IP portfolio by ensuring their protection validity term and condition. We monitor and protect against IP infringement, including taking legal actions in the instances of infringement. We maximize the value of your IP for important sales or transactions. You can count on us to create solutions with your best interest at hand.

At MHANSLaw, we understand that companies of all sizes are at risk from Intellectual Property (IP) infringements and violations. Our identity as both registered IP consultants and licensed lawyers provided us with the ability to represent clients as either the IP owners or the defendant in IP disputes, IP enforcement, and IP litigation cases in various forums. 

Register patents with the right legal team and reduce your risk of both rejection and loss of invention rights through the MHANSLaw Patent Drafting service. Our professionals are experienced in handling all sorts of patent and design drafting requests from individuals, small companies, and large enterprises. You can rest assured that you will receive guidance from start to finish and completion.

A brand begins with ideas and concepts that lead to an extension of innovations. To breathe life into something abstract, creativity is a must yet, creativity without legal protection will all be for nothing. At MHANSLaw, we can help your company put together a unique brand portfolio that is well integrated with your brand extensions and product or services line–all of which are legally abiding, protected, and well-designed. As a client of MHANSLaw, we only wish our clients to succeed and harness the benefits of having strong brand creation and brand architecture in their business.

In registering your IP, there is a chance for the application to be contested, opposed, or rejected by the trademark examiner. MHANSLaw helps clients in these situations by representing them in trademark contesting, opposition, and reporting. Clients can also ask to be represented by MHANSLaw in reporting trademark infringement, filing opposition, and the subsequent legal actions.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the legal requirements of starting a franchise, MHANSLaw’s franchising service is the right business solution for you. Our service helps educate clients with the knowledge and expertise of an experienced franchise and business law attorney particularly in the FnB, retail, health and beauty, and hospitality industry. We guide clients with franchise prospectus, negotiations, creating and reviewing franchise agreements, franchise registrations, and many more. We also explain other related aspects like SOP drafting, business plans, and auditing as part of the service. As a legal practitioner experienced with how Indonesian law works, MHANSLaw is fully committed to ensuring your franchise negotiations are fully compliant with the law and regulations.

Licensing has become a profitable way for you and your company to make money for intellectual property. At MHANSLaw, we help develop your IP licensing strategy that provides ways to increase returns on your IP investment. We help with negotiations and drafting a standardized written license agreement as well as a recordation between the licensor, licensee, and the government.

IP Valuations and appraisal play a critical role for startups and investors alike. Looking at the rise of startups in Indonesia, entrepreneurs have set their sight on investing in startup companies with attractive valuations. At MHANSLaw, we help companies determine their IP valuation for their internal business units or the company as a whole. We will make sure to maximize our client’s IP valuation and leverage clients’ portfolio’s value. Our IP valuation reports will ensure complete and fair value that will strengthen your position in negotiations.

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