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Dr. MICHAEL HANS & Associates “MHANSLaw'' specializes in providing legal services pertaining to the business world. As a law firm that offers holistic and integrated one-stop legal services, we are experienced in performing a variety of legal services, particularly in business laws that span across diverse sectors and industries, including but not limited to:

Contract Drafting and Review

Contract Negotiation

Contract Management

As a Certified Contract Drafter, MHANSLaw offers contract drafting & review services to many businesses and organizations. While our contract services thoroughly follow the law and its legal perspective, the process also considers the essential values of operating a business. We assure you that our team of professionals will prepare, examine, explain, and suggest contract changes that would be in your best interests. In doing so, we are accommodating the needs of the people involved in a transactional relationship by applying the "3P" principle, namely "Predict," "Prevent,” and “Protect.” 


When running a business, there are times when financial problems may occur to disrupt your business’ financial system operation. Whether you stand as a debtor or creditor, MHANSLaw can assist you to bounce back from your financial setbacks.


Our Accounts Receivable services are perfect for supporting clients in their debt collection and debt recovery efforts. We provide support in negotiations and court proceedings, including bankruptcy filing. We're experts at helping debtors negotiate debt restructurings with financial and non-financial institutions, to protect their assets and keep them in business (going concern). As a Registered Receiver of Insolvency and Suspension Administrator, our founder Dr. Michael Hans is also fully qualified to be appointed receiver or administrator in the insolvency and suspension of debt payment.

A legal audit is similar to a “general check-up” used in the medical world, but the crucial difference involves the purpose of the check-up. It determines the level of awareness and legal compliance to optimize current and corresponding actions. These are joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, funding/investment, and Initial Public Offering (IPO). Legal audits or legal due diligence performed for every legal aspect, which are:

  • Corporations

  • Permits or licensing

  • Labor or employment

  • Assets (tangible and intangible)

  • Intellectual Property (patent, copyright, trademark, and industrial design)

  • Contract

  • Dispute and litigation 


As a BNSP Certified Legal Auditor (CLA) who is also a member of the Association of Indonesian Legal Auditors (ASAHI), Dr. Michael Hans and his associates have assisted numerous companies planning to take legal action or are looking to invest in and collaborate with other companies. At MHANSLaw, we help you make sure your business’s legal aspects are clean and clear.


Retained Legal Services (Retainer Corporate Lawyer)

Assistance, Accompaniment, and/or Representation For Business Transaction & Negotiation

Legal Opinion

Legal Document & Correspondences

Affidavit of Foreign Law

At MHANSLAW, we offer personalized consultations specializing in business laws to corporations, businesses, SMEs, and individuals across the globe. Our team of seasoned professionals who are well-versed in the many fields of law has dealt with clients across various industries, including all manners of business aspects, stages, and scales. While the consultation process may vary, we usually begin by establishing the issues at hand, which are further explored through legal research and analysis to conclude the consultation with the following strategic solution.

  • Establishment, Amendment, and Restructuring

  • Bylaws

  • Shareholders & Partnership Agreements

  • GCG

  • Corporate Actions

  • M&A

  • Corporate Secretary

  • Financing & Investment

  • Foreign Investment Companies (PMA)

Establishment, Amendment, and Restructuring


Shareholders & Partnership Agreements


Corporate Actions


Corporate Secretary

Financing & Investment

Foreign Investment Companies (PMA)

Establishing businesses and forming companies in Indonesia can be complex, but having the right legal team can make the job easier. MHANSLaw makes sure your business incorporation, amendment, and restructuring process meet all the legal requirements and applicable regulations relating to the formation of companies in Indonesia. 

We can guide you in choosing the right business organizations, avoid critical financial hardships from poor planning, and reduce personal liability risks–including non-business assets. We work closely with other affiliated professionals and legal practitioners in the field, such as notaries and tax consultants, to ensure the best possible outcome. MHANSLaw is thoroughly committed to helping you be the right legal team for your business matters.

Employment Agreement

Company Regulations

Work Permit and Immigration Service For Foreign Workers

In most Indonesian companies, all workers must be provided with an employment agreement that sets forth the specifics of the job, wages, and orders or instructions. Company regulations should also address working conditions and company rules or regulations. They must be properly drafted to protect each party’s position and legal rights or duties concerning such sensitive information. 

MHANSLaw assists you with drafting employment agreements and company regulations that are tailored to your needs. MHANSLaw will provide you with a course of action that includes preparations of employment agreements, company regulations, standard operating and security procedures for business, notification letters, employee negotiations and mediations, and many more.

Any business that wants to keep its data safe must have a data protection plan in place. As a country that is thriving in its transition to embracing digital transformation, it is important that data protection is understood and properly implemented.

MHANSLaw can help you comply with legal compliance requirements related to digital platforms, including registering your license, setting up your terms of use, protecting your privacy, and ensuring your platform conforms to applicable regulations.

Moreover, as a Certified Data Officer (DPO) of the Indonesian Association of Data Privacy Professionals (APPDI), MHANSLaw can also advise you on complex data protection issues. Our data controller/data processor personnel will make sure you are compliant with the applicable regulations, and provided with a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). This service also includes audits, capital and awareness training, and acting as the mediator in issues related to data controller/data processor. 


Legal disputes are inevitable and foreseeable for businesses. Therefore, it is crucial for business owners to have the right legal counsel to help them anticipate potential legal issues, and take steps to mitigate the consequences fully.

MHANSLaw provides legal representation for lawsuits, cases, and during alternative dispute resolutions (ADR)–negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Regardless of which option you are taking, MHANSLaw is here to provide you with the legal support you need to get through dispute resolution successfully with a win-win or amicable solution as our priority.

  • Tax Identification Number (NPWP) registration

  • Business License Number (NIB) registration

  • Business, Commercial, and Operational Licenses

  • Location, Construction & Building Licenses

  • Environmental Permits

  • Industrial Permits

  • Tourism Permits

  • Franchise Permits

  • Distributor or Agency Certification

  • Export & Import Licenses

  • Product Licenses (Izin Edar, Dinkes, BPOM, PIRT)

  • Halal Certification

  • National Standardization (SNI)

  • Foreign Employee & Immigration

  • Capital Market, Financial, and Securities Law

  • Family Law

  • Antitrust & Competition Law

  • Housing, Real Estate & Construction Law

  • Consumer Protection Law

Consultation, searching, and opinion constructing

Filing, Registration, and Protection

IPR Transaction, Sales, and Management

Enforcement, Dispute, and Litigation

Patent Drafting

Brand Creation and Architecture

Trademark Contesting, Opposition, and Reporting



IP Valuation and Appraisal

MHANSLaw supports the innovation and creativity of individuals, small companies, and large enterprises by securing their Intellectual Properties (IP). We can help with IP search exposure, IP portfolio reviews, and business strategy consulting involving issues, aspects, or problems relevant to IP. Through MHANSLaw robust IP research service and tools, clients are kept up-to-date on IP matters, allowing our clients to operate their IP freely.

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