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At the Law Offices of Dr. MICHAEL HANS & Associates (“MHANSLaw”), we provide professional legal services for litigation and non-litigation cases, specializing in business laws. Led by our Principal Attorney, Dr. Michael Hans, our firm grew beyond borders by delivering professional legal services and producing efficient and innovative solutions to a wide range of national and international clients, including individuals, SMEs, corporations, and large businesses. 


As our office commends perpetual development and growth from our team, we believe that our competence, vast experiences, and excellent credentials are manifested in the form of licenses and specialized certifications that best reflect our services expertise. We promise to provide a comprehensive, professional, and integrated service quality unceasingly, added with a personal touch tailored to accommodate each of our client’s business needs.


MHANSLaw Office believes in providing complete and integrated legal services that support our clients’ legal health, alongside their business operations and legal mastery. We give our assurance always to respect our client's rights and address any uncertainties that may arise in the process. We aim for mitigation before litigation and preventive solutions for our clients’ needs. Nonetheless, we are always ready to represent our clients in court and proceedings as the client wishes.

At the same time, we recognize early on that open communication is the most effective way to deliver, advise, and support our clients in reaching their goals faster. Therefore, we are committed to working closely with our clients to understand their business and interests better, protecting them from reputational and business harm.



 To become one of the leading and trusted law offices, with an ever-growing passion to succeed together with our clients and partners.

Justice Scale


To constantly improve our competence, expertise, and credentials, carried out in a “360° Legal Services and Solutions” ™ to ensure that our clients’ businesses are Legal Dari Awal™.

Vision Mison
Core Values
  • Providing adaptive integrated services (360°).

  • Presenting transparency in all judgments.

  • Maintaining clear and collaborative relationships.

  • Exhibiting professionalism and competence at work.

  • An unrelenting pursuit for excellence.

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