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Alumni Sharing for Eduverse Education Expo by SBM UK.Petra

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

On 14th August 2022, the International Business Management (IBM) Program of Petra Christian University (UKP) School of Business and Management (SBM) invited Dr. Michael Hans and Jeovanni Jonson to speak at a talk show for the “EDUVERSE” Education Expo by the SBM UK.Petra at the Grand Atrium Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. There, they shared about how business school has supported them in their professional career, and gave prospective and current IBM students a pep talk.

We give our thanks to School of Business Management as it was with great pleasure for Dr. Michael Hans, Principle Attorney at MHANSLaw and Founder of brand.advice, and Jeovanni Jonson. Intellectual Property (IP) Specialist at MHANSLaw, to present as alumns of the IBM Program for the education expo.


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