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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

"I hope that Mr. Michael and OCBC NISP can do more talk shows like this!" said Andrian as

one of the many talk show participants.

On the 25th January 2022, Dr. Michael Hans was invited by OCBC NISP BANK to host a talk show about inheritance law at the Financial Fitness Gym in Ciputra World, Surabaya. Conducted in a hybrid manner, the talk show received many offline and online appreciation as well as engaging questions from a variety of participants, including executives, professionals, business people, university students, and the general public.

As the principal attorney at MHANSLAW and an experienced educator, Dr. Michael Hans adeptly explained the many misconceptions and taboos revolving around inheritance law.

He discussed some misconceptions in which people viewed probate and wills the same way, or that inheritances only included wealth, not debts.

During his talk, he pondered and debated the surrounding taboos people associated when they tried to make a testament. "Many people become afraid when talking about estate planning because it's a taboo subject. However, that is not the case. In fact, it should be normalized and discussed because you never know when you will die. What happens then, if you are not prepared?"

Dr. Michael Hans also shared his tips and tricks in a fun acronym at the end of his session. "NISP. N stands for norms that will be applicable for the probate. I stands for identifying the situation. S stands for seeking help, professional help. P stands for planning ahead, including getting a life insurance, too."

Once the talk show session ended, questions came in like rapid fire from the online and offline participants. Dr. Michael Hans answered each question clearly, doubling down the same level of eagerness and excitement until the talk show ended officially.

"The talk show was a success. We hope for more collaboration with Mr. Michael Hans and his associates in the future." stated Christianto Gunawan from OCBC NISP Bank.


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